What is most rewarding about your job?

As an Associate Director, the thing that I am most proud of is when you get to see the training, time, and development that you put into your team be put into effect, and even see them then pass along that knowledge and training to someone else. I think a strong team culture and vision is paramount to the success of any team. The capability of the team to drive the business forward together is what makes a truly solid and collaborative group – to be able to weather the downturns, then unite and be even stronger during the best times. As you continue to grow in this role, your own role always changes – and now it’s great to see how the consultants you worked with move into management roles and up as their success and responsibility in the business continue to grow.

Why did you decide to leave your previous position to join PageGroup?

I got my degree in petroleum engineering with a minor in mechanical engineering, and originally went into the oil and gas industry to follow in my dad’s footsteps, where I spent two and a half years in a rotational leadership development program. I enjoyed being able to utilize my degree, but wanted the ability to have a more structured market to grow in, and clearer career progression. I had never previously considered sales and recruitment, but was lucky that I came across PageGroup and that the Houston office took a chance on me!

What has PageGroup been able to do for you?

PageGroup has given me the capability to progress my career at the rate I choose, travel the world, move offices with the company (Houston to Chicago), launch multiple markets, and make great friendships across the various offices. I am lucky to call PageGroup my employer. I love the ability to continuously learn through the structured development program, to learn new markets and information, and always work to improve myself and continually refine my skills. The job is never boring!

What did you do with your first bonus?

Used it to travel and go on some amazing trips!

What is the leadership team at PageGroup like?

Transparent, motivating, direct, empowering.

What qualities are needed to be a successful recruiter?

Drive, resilience, empathy, passion, competitiveness, confidence.